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This is one of best restaurant in Ski Town. In here you can taste fresh sashimi and top of Asian food culinary.

Fresh Fresh Fresh !!

We proud about our restaurant always have top of the best sushi in town. Every year!! Come and we will show you !!


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Noodles and More Saigon Cafe
Alisa S

Alisa S

When a group of us were visiting Steamboat back in November, we were eating at different restaurants during our stay but we ended up craving Asian food. There didn't seem to be much authentic Asian around town (besides sushi joints), except for here--so we gave it a try for lunch. I'm always a little a hesitant to try Asian food in towns with limited Asian cuisine restaurants, but this place sure did surprise us and make our bellies happy! The service was friendly and quick. Pho tasted just right to warm us up. The Pad Kee Mao noodle dish was really tasty. But my favorite was their fresh Spring Rolls with shrimp. The shrimp was really good in it. We liked the food so much we came back later that day to just to grab more food to take back to the hotel room. Prices were a bit high but that's what I usually expect when I'm traveling to towns that may not have a high population of Asians

Kate Z

Kate Z

Ohhhhhh, what a shame, been going here since they opened the doors. More on the menu....Which is a plus, but the food has been going downhill for years. Let's have the volume off the video game playing by the employees in the dining room. I would prefer not to watch National Geographic...animals hunting-killing & eating while I'm dining on my poor little shrimp! Could the employees please not take a nap while laying there heads down on the table in the dining room. We actually wanted to enjoy a glass of wine before dinner, a cocktail is never offered, use to that, but if we do get a glass of wine, may we please enjoy it without being asked every 5 min. " ready to order now" Yikes!! Stay with the's always good!! Don't give up on this place, hopefully they get it together....being the end of the season they might just be tired!! Been there, can Appreciate that!!

 Allyson S

Allyson S

My favorite sushi in steamboat!!! Super easy to call it in to go 15 mins before and pick it up. Never disappoints! Great food & service

Theodore H

Theodore H

Now let me start off by saying I loved Steamboat as a town. However being in a more rural area lends the food to being more of the meat and potatoes variety. Then we stumbled (literally) upon this gem. The location was right on Main Street and the atmosphere was inviting. Definitely a family run business with great care taken to authentic dishes from the region. It was a pleasant surprise and a nice change of pace from the other area restaurants and the price was just right.

Cam G.

Cam G.

Seems like a nice family run place, friendly enough. Service was terrible, forgot about us for a while after seated. Then brought appetizer and meal all at once, which included soup. The waitress spilled soup all over the booth when trying to clear the table. Accidents happen, but then she didn't really wipe it up. Ended up having to get up to pay the bill or sit back down in soup. Food was good though, chicken noodle bowl was great as was egg roll. But as I walked home in the cold with my wet pant leg, I don't think I'd do it again.